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Summer at Falls Creek

Summer at Falls Creek

TNE Cycle Friendly Business rgbWhy not head to the mountains for a cool escape from the hustle, bustle and sweltering summer heat of the city and suburbia. Take in incredible views with sheer cliffs, deep ravines, cascading waterfalls and carpets of wild flowers along your way to your accommodation at the Falls Creek Country Club.

Some of the wonderful activities in summer include:

  • Fishing on Victoria’s highest self-sustaining fishery (Falls Creek Country Club is home to the State and National Fly Fishing Tournaments)
  • Cruise the extraordinary 235km loop (sealed in 2009) with your motor bike or car
  • Road cycling including the famous “3 Peaks Challenge” and 7 Peaks Ascent
  • Mountain biking on some of Australia’s most exciting trails
  • Visit the historic Cattlemen’s Huts of the High Country
  • Explore the High Country on horseback
  • Altitude training – join some of Australia’s best
  • Play “mile high” tennis on our half court or full courts are available in the village bowl
  • Kayaking, windsurfing and boating on Rocky Valley Lake
  • Drive to the highest peak in Australia (accessible by road) – Mount Mackay
  • Relax in our indoor heated pool, spa and sauna

With excellent customer service, great facilities and convenient location, you can treat yourselves to a cool and relaxing getaway anytime of the year. Make us your home away from home and see why the accommodation at the Falls Creek Country Club is a perfect destination all year round.

Please contact us to book your accommodation, for further information relating to the above or any questions you may have via email, or call us on 03 5758 3391. Altenatively, book on-line via our website at a time convenient to you - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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We recently stayed at the Falls Creek Country Club. We had a great experience at this accommodation. I was pleasantly surprised with this accommodation as it was one of the cleanest rooms I have ever stayed in.


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